Catholic Mission Inspired Planned Gift from Associate

For Nirmala Punnusami, Emergency Department Technician, Providence is unlike any other hospital because of its mission and its deeply Catholic roots – and she wanted to give back to the organization, which has enriched her life in so many ways.

“My Catholic faith means everything to me and the ministry of healing here is inspired by that faith,” said Nirmala, who has worked in the Pope Francis Emergency Care Center for two years after serving as an EMT in the District. “At Providence we heal the mind, body, and spirit. No matter what department you work in, we all share the same mission.”

Nirmala, who is 29, decided to make Providence Health Foundation the sole beneficiary of her associate life insurance policy, noting that Providence has invested in her as well with tuition reimbursement for nursing school.

Her dream is to graduate as a nurse and continue to serve the hospital, which has given her a professional and spiritual home. “I want to serve the mission, and I think it’s important to pay forward the help that I received. If I can be half as good a healer and a nurse as any of the Daughters of Charity, I will be so proud.”


A Planned Gift is wonderful way to help the Providence Health Foundation continue their mission of healing. To find out more about Planned Giving Options, visit HERE or call the Foundation to discuss your options at 202-854-7354.