Providence’s Tiniest Patients and Older Children in the District of Columbia Get Generous Helping Hand

Providence Health Foundation was awarded $140,000 from the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust to support the programs and services of Providence's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and the Perry Family Health Center.

With this recognition, Providence will be able to further invest in vital equipment, technology, and staff training and education to ensure our organization is providing exceptional quality healthcare to our patients.

For the NICU, these funds will ensure nursing staff are able to attend professional conferences, stay informed on best practices and further their nursing education. In addition, funding  will provide educational materials on breastfeeding to new mothers and purchase nursing chairs, which allow ‘kangaroo care’ (or skin-to-skin care) between mothers and babies.

The Stewart Trust will also support immediate access to quality primary healthcare and preventative services offered by the Perry Family Health Center to its surrounding community, particularly uninsured and underinsured newborns and older children.  Services provided to children and youth include well-child visits, acute and chronic pediatric care, adolescent services, community outreach, immunizations and linkage to specialized healthcare and community resources.