Gala Raises Funds and Support for Behavioral Health Services

Hundreds of Providence physicians, associates, community leaders, and other VIPs gathered recently at the 2017 Providence Gala to raise money and awareness for Seton House and Providence’s behavioral health services.  This year the gala raised nearly half a million dollars.

Seton House opened in 1978 as the first full-service, hospital-based alcohol and addiction treatment center in Washington, DC.  It is a comprehensive spiritually holistic and therapeutic inpatient and outpatient care center that treats behavioral health issues as well as substance abuse.

“They say it takes a village in healthcare and in behavioral health the journey is often a long one,” said Darcy Burthay, Providence CEO and President. “Providence is fortunate to have a team of professionals at Seton House who provide their patients with highly successful outcomes – only three percent of those in recovery from substance abuse relapse.”

Mourine Evans, Chief Nursing Officer, also paid tribute to the teamwork and dedication of the Seton House staff, who provide both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services to our community.

“The entire Seton House caregiver team excels at working with patients and each other,” she said. “They don’t just treat diagnoses; they treat the whole patient and take into account the mind, body, and spirit of each patient.”

 In Washington, D.C, an estimated 25 percent of the homeless population suffers from mental illness, and there has also been a rise in substance abuse issues, particularly in opioid addiction. Seton House fills a critical need for services not easily available elsewhere for a vulnerable population.

The Seton House caregiver team was honored with the Caregiver Award at the Gala in recognition of their service. The Gala also paid tribute to local news journalist Jim Vance with the Advocate Award.